What is baby hair loss?

Once the women had given birth to a child, they could identify the usual hair loss phenomenon in the baby as well as in themselves. This condition seems to be pretty normal. But sometimes, this might be the permanent problem in the newborn babies. So, it is better to treat the problem in the early stage once it is diagnosed.Baby hair loss

There would be an initial hair growth phase during the development of the fetus in the mother’s womb. After the baby was born due to the exposed head in outside environment and the way of placing head while sleeping makes the rear occipital area hair to fall until 7 to 8 months. Hair loss in babies at this stage is normal. It would get worse if there is an improper care of the baby’s hair.

The tendency of the newborn babies is quite known to everybody as they have very soft, light weighted and some babies are blessed with dense hair. If their mother or father has any genetic hair loss problem, these newborn are also having the possibilities of getting affected. For treating these hereditary hair losses, it is better to consult the child dermatologist.

Some kids might have born with dense hair but after few months or years of delivery, their hair might get into shedding phase instead of the growth phase. There are several factors which cause the hair losses in these babies.

  • The same style of placing the head in pillow would result in pillow bald.
  • Lack of nutrition during the growing stages
  • Insufficient vitamins and protein content in the body.
  • Lack of Vitamin D in babies would result in hair loss in crawling baby.
  • Improper care after the child was born.
  • The iron deficiency would make hair to shed off in large amount.
  • Dry scalp also causes the hair loss in babies.

These causes of baby hair loss would not be known by many people, as many would think that babies would not undergo this problem. But that is not true, as there are many factors under which the baby would put in the hair fall phenomenon. Parents should take care of their newborn by having regular check up with the medical experts. There are many chances for strengthening the root of the hair in this early stage. It could be treated by giving hair loss medication with proper dosage to the baby.