Treat hair loss with Propecia

Propecia is the only FDA approved a medication that can be taken orally to treat the hair loss issues. Finasteride is the generic version of this medicine.  As it mostly treats the male baldness or male pattern hair loss, it is widely prescribed for men when compared to women.  In women, this pill is prescribed only when they have hair loss problem after the childbirth or during the postpartum stage. It is also taken by kids or children those who have this issue at their early stage as a hereditary disease. You could buy prescribed Propecia online at the cheap rate.It is better to have basic knowledge about the medicine before using it once it is prescribed to you.

Working of Propecia:

The DHT (dihydrotestosterone) would be responsible for weak hair or hair damage which make the hair thin or shrink. By taking Propecia pill this situation might change as this medicine would react with chemicals and change the hormones which help to improve the strength of the hair. Finasteride is considered as an inhibitor of type II 5–alpha-reductase, as this enzyme would increase the conversion of testosterone into DHT. By inhibiting this conversion, this hair loss medication would improve the hair follicle strength.  This is the medically proven method to get away from the male pattern baldness or hair loss.

The effectiveness of Propecia in treating baldness or hair loss:

For many years, Propecia hair loss medication holds the trusted status from the user experiences. This made FDA, to approve this medication for long-term use for male pattern baldness or hair loss. Many studies have shown that 90 % of Propecia users results not only with reduced hair loss but also have the traces of hair gain or growth under the proper intake. This Finasteride works in such a way to increase the weight of the hair.

How should you take Propecia(Finasteride) to treat Hair loss problem?

It is advised to take this Propecia pill as prescribed by the doctor. If not, this might lead to several side effects. Before taking this pill, one should read the instruction manual completely to know the facts about this hair loss medication. One should not take more than a single tablet per day. It is better to maintain the same time for taking the pill every day for effective results. This hair loss pill is a long-term drug. It would take at least 6 months to 1 year for new hair growth. One would experience the positive effects after few months of continuous consumption.

The dosage of Propecia pill:

  • Single tablet equivalent to 1mg of Finasteride should be taken daily along with water. It could be taken before or after the food.
  • Increasing the dose would result in side effects.
  • If you have missed the dose, it is advised to skip that particular dose.

Side effects of Propecia:

Despite the effectiveness of this pill in treating the male baldness, this would also cause some side effects to the users due to the non-acceptance of the medication. Few men are found with declined sexual interest after the use of this medication. The prolonged usage would affect the nerve of that reproductive organ and result in affecting the sexual activities.

Precautions before taking Propecia:

  • If you are allergic to any active compounds in hair regrowth pill Propecia, it is important to let your doctor know about this. It is better to know the side effects of finasteride before taking it.
  • Before taking Propecia, It is better to confirm with your doctor whether this medication would suit you for treating the hair loss problem or not.
  • It is necessary to know the cause of hair loss to become mentally prepared for co-operating with the medication.
  • Avoid taking any other sedatives or drug which might interact with Propecia pill as this might bring the major side effects.