Buyer’s Guide: Should I buy Propecia or Finasteride for treating hair loss?

buyers guide propecia

Propecia is the well-known hair loss pill that many men rely on for getting rid of their male pattern baldness. Propecia is basically a brand name and the chemical composition of this pill is Finasteride. Other generic company pills that have the same composition as brand Propecia are also referred to as Finasteride. People can also buy Propecia without prescription from reputed online pharmacies at a cheaper price. Between these two versions, which is best to buy for treating hair loss? would be the bothering questions in most of your mind. Here is the guide for the buyers to get the hair loss medication.

Propecia vs Finasteride

Comparison based on differences

Propecia and generic Finasteride basically have only a few differences between them. The main difference is the physical appearance. Although, the tablets physically look different since they have different inactive ingredients or binding agents, the effect is still the same. Each generic version of this pill has different binding agents so the shape, color or size of Finasteride tablets may vary greatly. This difference arises because both Propecia and Finasteride are manufactured by different companies. Except for this aspect, there is no major difference between Propecia and Finasteride. However, the active ingredient is still the same in all the brands, which is Finasteride.

Comparison based on effects

As mentioned previously since both these drugs have the same active ingredient Finasteride, the effect they have on the user is almost identical. Both variants are equally effective and treat hair loss with the same efficiency. The working mechanism of both the drugs is also the same. Finasteride affects the hormones in the body and reduces the DHT molecules on the scalp. The hair loss is speculated to be caused by the sensitivity of hair follicles to the DHT hormone. Hence by preventing the conversion of DHT from testosterone, it is effectively able to combat hair loss. The brand Propecia and generic Finasteride might be same in reality but they might have a different effect on some people solely due to psychological reasons. Some people normally buy Propecia and find it difficult to shift to its generic form or vice-versa, due to the look and feel of the pill.

Comparison based on dosage

For the generic Finasteride to be approved by the FDA, it needs to have the same dosage strength and onset action time as the dose of brand Propecia pills. Hence licensed generic manufacturers also sell Finasteride in 1 mg dosage strength as Propecia 1mg. 1 mg is basically the daily dose given to most men. Taking 1 mg on a daily basis for a period 3 months is known to inculcate noticeable changes in growth of hair on the scalp. Aside from the dosage, the form of the pills should also be the same. For instance, they should be oral tablets. It is wise to know about the dosage strength before buying Propecia in its brand or generic form.

Comparison based on pricing

Although both have the same efficiency and dosage strength, brand version of this hair loss, medication is priced significantly higher than the generic version. This is because the brand company had to invest a hefty sum of money on research and developing a product. This keeps the brand price high and since the brand has the patent right for about 10 years, no other company can manufacture the pill. Due to Propecia being the sole manufacturer of the company the price is usually very high. But after the expiration of Propecia patent, the Finasteride can be legally manufactured by other companies and that is where Finasteride generic comes into the picture. Buying generic Finasteride is much cheaper than buying the brand Propecia because the generic form only needs to mimic the original formulation.