What causes hair loss?

causes of hair lossA lot of people feel that their hair is becoming so thin and weak after every time they wash their head or combing their hair. Human hair drops every day in the certain amount (less than 100 roots) normally if more than the given data that might be a hair fall problem.

There are various reasons why these hair losses happen to an individual. If you are one among them looking for the factor that causes the hair loss, see the following factors to get the knowledge.

Causes of hair loss in men:

Mostly losing of hair would be experienced by men when compared to women. Based on age or hormonal imbalance or due to hereditary this problem would occur in men in different types.  Male pattern baldness is one such major type of hair loss occurs in men. This would happen due to the combination of male sex hormones follows the classic pattern of losing the hair and it would look like the M-shaped hairline. Basically, the hairs in the temple area are tending to drop off. This Male pattern baldness would mostly due to the age factor.

Causes of hair loss in women:

In women, there are several factors that would cause this Trichomadesis (hair loss).

  • Pregnancy:

Majority of the women would experience the hair fall problem after the delivery rather than during the pregnancy period.

  • Heredity:

If any of women’s family members have this problem, it would more likely to occur in them as female pattern baldness. This is also be called as androgenic or androgenetic alopecia.

  • Female hormones:

Due to a sudden change in the hormones during the menopause cycle, women would tend to experience the reclining of hair growth.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome:

This syndrome happens due to the imbalance of male and female sex hormones. This would lead to overweight, the cyst in ovaries as well as reduced hair growth and thin of hair.

General Hair loss causes:

  • Improper sleep:

Enough sleep can promote skin and hair, and normal metabolism of metabolic phase mainly in the evening time especially from 10 at night to 2 in the morning. The sufficient sleep can relief you from stress and regulate the hair growth. Conversely, the inefficient sleep during the night time would adversely affect the growth of hair.

  • Physical stress:

The recent injury or accident is the physical stress one could experience and this might cause the hair loss problem, as this might not allow the proper blood circulation to the scalp. This way of losing the hair has another name called Telogen effluvium.

  • Sudden weight loss:

This sudden weight would be the result of dieting or work out. When you minimize your diet supplements, a root of the hair would not get proper nourishment to grow. It would end up losing its grip on the scalp. Weight loss is also considered as one of the physical stress.

  • Chemotherapy:

Expose the hair to any chemical substances or taking any drugs for treating other health problem might also result in hair loss as their side effects.

  • Over styling:

This over styling would cause the hair loss in teenage men and women.  Excessive using of hair products for styling, using dryers and conditioners consistently would result in receding hairline.

  • Aging:

As age increase in both male and female, the hair follicle might lose its strength. This condition gets even worse with further increase in the age.

  • Bad habits:

Habits such as often stay up late, a large number of drinking, smoking cause hair losses.

  • Lack of trace elements:

Such as copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, cause Trichomadesis.

  • Sadness:

Modern life pressure is more and more these days. the competition is fierce, the person’s anxiety, depression, would lead to nervous system disorders, psychological unbalance, toxin deposition by the sudden glove, an intrusion into blizzards, which are identified by the symptom of secondary hair loss or sudden hair loss. Anxiety can lead to loss of hair every day, the deeper the depressive rate, the rate of Trichomadesis is also more quickly.

  • Environmental pollution:

Environment deteriorating, air pollution and water pollution, make the person exposing to toxic substances, weakens the body endocrine system, the immune system is destroyed, these conditions would damage the healthy hair and cause hair loss.

Other factors such as

  • Overconsumption of vitamin A rich food,
  • Vitamin B deficiency,
  • Health conditions such as Hypothyroidism
  • Anemia – iron deficiency
  • Trichotillomania
  • Lung damage
  • Kidney damage

Suggestion for getting over the hair loss:

Though there are many different causes for the same problem, the exact problem here is hair fall. The quick tips to overcome this issue are by careful usage of shampoo and conditioners, taking good night sleep, undergoing treatment, can take hair loss medication such as Propecia. It is advised to know about the medicinal factors of this medication before you use and try to buy Propecia online to get benefitted in cost wise. As taking pills for treating hair loss needs proper precautions.