What is the cost of Generic Finasteride?

What is the cost of Generic Finasteride?

Finasteride is a hair loss medication often prescribed for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness.  You can buy Propecia with valid prescription from reputed online pharmacy

You may be able to buy Finasteride both at online as well as at retail outlets. You may be however eligible for far greater discounts, at online drugstores, varying from anything between 25% and 50%. Customers opting for bulk purchases may also be able to avail any offer coupons, rebates, and promotional programs. The cost of generic Finasteride also depends on dosages and number of tablets prescribed to you.

What are the comparative prices of generic Finascost of generic Finasterideteride while buying from retail and online pharmacies?

The drug is available in the 5mg and 1mg dosages of varying strips sizes ranging from eight up to ninety tablets. The branded version of the 5mg variant is called Proscar while the 1mg is referred to as Propecia. Now let’s perform a store to store comparison of generic version of Propecia covering both retail and online outlets,
The prices of thirty generic Finasteride 5mg tablets vary from $18.70 at Walmart and Rite Aid to $46.71 at CVS Pharmacy.

Now if you look at the ninety Finasteride 5mg tablets, they ranged from $120 at Kroger Pharmacy and Rite Aid to $209.44 at CVS Pharmacy. However, customers here may also be eligible for attractive discounts based on the frequent purchases and any bulk offers that may be availed time and again in order to make the customer buy cheap Finasteride online.

This generic drug may also be bought at several leading online pharmacies where the prices range depending on the quantity and the store location. In general, Canadian online pharmacies are a tad cheaper than its competitors.
For example, eight pills of generic Finasteride 5mg costs $6.80, while thirty tablets cost $8.70 and one hundred and eight pills cost $36 only! This is definitely priced at a steep discount compared to major retailers across the country.

The same is applicable to the generic Finasteride 1mg category, which is available between $21 and $69 depending on the number of tablets chosen. For twenty-eight tablets, the cost is estimated to be $21 while for sixty or ninety tablets it ranges from $45 to $65.

Finasteride 1mg due to higher demand is usually priced a bit more expensive compared to Finasteride 5mg but is still cheaper than most retail outlets.

You may be able to buy thirty tablets of Finasteride 1mg in retail at $38 while it may cost $22.5 in online stores after delivery and taxes.

The pills are usually cheap due to the fact that most of these generic drugs are usually manufactured in USFDA compliant facilities in India and also enjoy lower overheads due to cheap labor and warehousing.

What are the discounts offered for buying generic Finasteride in online pharmacies?

Customers that frequently prefer online pharmacies for buying generic Propecia become eligible for several discounts sometimes ranging from 25-50% of the actual cost price of Finasteride. Moreover, they may also be eligible for rebates and other special deals in case of bulk purchases. Although traditional retail outlets such as Walgreens do offer attractive discounts, they are still 50% more expensive compared to the median online cost of generic Propecia available in online pharmacies.

Buying generic Finasteride is a lot cheaper in online pharmacies in spite of offering a plethora of options ranging from the online doctor, pharmacists, and quick delivery.