What is a healthy diet to prevent hair loss?

hair loss dietHair problem or hair loss arises mostly due to insufficient nutrients and nursing problem. Out of these two, this page would be concentrated on the diet one should maintain when suffering from severe or moderate hair loss problem. The nutritious foods are the dietary supplements to the hair. This would give proper nourishment to root and maintain the texture of scalp.

Want to have healthy hair? Just choosing the good conditioner is far insufficient. Taking all sorts of nutrition, taking food rich in protein, vitamin and mineral to keep a balanced diet are very important. The general idea here is to increase the intake of nutrition food meal which would be helpful for the growth of the hair.

The recent survey has given the fact that hair loss due to eating fat and butter content food, Fried foods, sweet candy and drinking alcohol, carbonic acid content beverage. This food contains a chemical substance which would affect the nutrients supplements for hair growth. In addition, excessive drinking often leads to gastric bowel disease, affect protein, vitamin, and mineral absorption capacity of the body, which thereby affect the hair in its growing phase. There are many other causes of hair loss other than this unhealthy foods.

The main components needed for the healthy hair is the keratin, which is rich in sulfur, the protein of amino acid. The body could not produce sulfur; it should be ingested through the food. Therefore, taking food those are rich in protein, such as fish, lean pork, milk, dairy products and soy products.

Importance of Vitamin content in treating hair loss issues:

Vitamin A is used to maintain the normal functioning of the epithelial tissue, blood pumping nature to the nerves or vessels in the scalp that would promote the growth of the hair. Vitamin A rich foods are carrots, spinach, Celtuce leaves, almond, nucleoli, mango, fruits and vegetables, fish, shrimp classes, and eggs

Vitamin B can promote scalp metabolism, thereby helps in the hair growth. Vitamin B rich foods are Spinach, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Whole grains such as wheat, Red rice, Peanuts, Soybean, Cheese etc.

Vitamin E can promote blood circulation to the scalp region, it mainly exists in Walnut meat, Olive oil, Corn, Malt, Peas, Sesame seed, Sunflower and medication such as Propecia.

Importance of minerals in treating hair loss problem:

Insufficient mineral content in the body would also affect the hair growth. This is because iron, zinc, copper, calcium and other trace elements in human body tissue cells, skin, hair, would help Hair metabolism. Lack of these substances will cause a hair to bleach prematurely. The black food contains this kind of more trace elements, which includes soya bean, black rice, black agaric, and black sesame seed.

By proper in-taking of a balanced combination of Minerals, Vitamins, proteins through the food would help in regaining the lost hair or help in strengthening the roots of the hair.