Propecia 5mg or Propecia 1mg – Which is better?

propecia 5mg vs 1mg

The commonality between the different dosages of Propecia is always a topic of discussion. Since many men are looking to prevent hair loss they would be wondering to know which dosage is better and what the exact use of both versions of the drug would be to prevent the hair loss. The main difference lies in the use of the drugs and the amount of finasteride contained in the tablets.

Uses of Propecia 1mg and Propecia 5mg

Propecia 1mg is primarily designed for preventing hair loss whereas Propecia 5 mg which is also known as Proscar is used in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Basically, men with an enlarged prostate can commence their treatment with Proscar after checking with a medical professional.
Propecia 1mg as the name suggests has 1mg of finasteride and Proscar has 5mg of finasteride. Finasteride basically works by preventing the conversion of DHT molecule from testosterone. This reduced DHT levels can contribute to

Reduction in the size of enlarged prostate gland

Reduction in hair fall

80% of men who have taken Finasteride for treating the above conditions have resulted in provided positive effects.  It was basically developed by the company name Merck, for the treatment of BPH and hair growth was found as a side effect. To enhance the potential of this side effect, the company started manufacturing finasteride in lower doses which are 1 mg and has tasted great success. Now both the drugs Propecia and Proscar have been officially approved by the FDA.

Can Propecia and Proscar be used interchangeably?

Both Propecia pills and Proscar pills can be used for the purposes mentioned above. But buying 1 mg Propecia is sufficient for curbing hair loss and buying 5 mg for treating hair loss is not proven to bring better hair growth. Taking Propecia for BPH might not be sufficient to treat the condition. So it is better to use whatever version is prescribed to you.
It is also seen that people use Propecia without prescription. But some people speculate that buying Proscar and splitting it into 4 parts can bring great cost savings than buying Propecia in large number at once. The Cost of both the version of the drug is found to be more are less nearer to each other. It is not safe because with splitting there is no way to gauge how much dosage you are exactly consuming. This procedure of splitting the pill and saving the cost can be first verified by a physician before applying it in action.

Which form of Propecia is better?

In reality, there is no huge difference between the two as they both have finasteride as their active ingredient in the required amount. Both of them treat different conditions although they can be used interchangeably with doctor’s advice and only if necessary. But since Propecia 5mg has the higher quantity of finasteride in it, it might have greater potential to result in side effects. But if you are suffering from BPH, this version of Propecia is the best medicine for you and if you are suffering from hair loss then Propecia 1mg is the best medicine for you.